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I'm climbing Kilimanjaro to help bring water to people!


Water issues are grabbing headlines but is it enough? Just recently, the world was shocked to hear about Cape Town’s impending “Zero Day”, the day this city of nearly 4 million people runs out of water, at least until the seasonal rains arrive. Newspapers worldwide exclaimed that this was the first large city to face such a crisis. This is certainly arresting but the larger crisis – often unreported – is the hundreds of millions of people in many countries who don’t have access to clean drinking water at all.

I believe that we can deliver a long-term solution for these communities one village and one country at a time. This is WaterAid’s big task. Its global work is about bringing water, sanitation and hygiene to nearly 40 countries. To this end, I’m embarking on a journey to help improve access to water in several Tanzanian communities and to bring attention to the cause. In Tanzania, alone, some 23 million people lack access to clean water.

I will be part of a WaterAid Canada group climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in the latter part of March 2018. And, we’re aiming to celebrate World Water Day from the summit on March 22nd! Please support our quest to improve the well-being of people in that country. Thanks for helping.

Please see the link to the WaterAid Canada web-pledge site..