Bucket Challenge 2017
$6,000 My Campaign Goal
$7,150 Raised So Far

My Bucket List Adventure with WaterAid! - Kili


In 2018 I'm participating in an epic 8-day trek up to the top of Africa's tallest peak - Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and funds to help combat the global water and sanitation crisis! 

I’ve always wanted to climb Kili and am excited to do this now!   Making a difference in the lives of those that need clean water energizes me. I feel fortunate that being Canadian gives us all our basic needs and more. Clean water is survival for others.

By participating with WaterAid, I'm not only checking an item off my personal Bucket List, I'm also helping to create positive change in some of the world's poorest communities. Best of all, after the climb, I will have a chance to visit communities benefiting from WaterAid's projects, so that I can see how my contribution is making a difference!

Today, 663 million people don't have accesses to clean drinking water, and a further 2.4 billion have no basic sanitation like toilets and latrines. This is one of the most lethal, yet solvable, public health emergencies affecting the developing world today. WaterAid works in 26 countries around the world to help poor and marginalized communities gain access to locally appropriate water and sanitation services.

I'm personally raising over $5,000 to directly support WaterAid's work.

Cocentric is also aligned with WaterAid's work and hoping to make further contributions as our "Cause for Change" awareness. https://www.cocentric.ca/cause-for-change

Will you help me reach my goal ? and yes, I am getting into shape for this:) with your encouragement!

To find out more about WaterAid's work or to get involved, please visit www.wateraidcanada.com

Thank you!