WaterAid Challenge: Donate Your Special Day
$10,000 My Campaign Goal
$50 Raised So Far

Your Donation Helps Save Lives

Besides the air we breathe, nothing is more fundamental to our very existence than access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation! We are so blessed to be able to turn on a tap for a glass of water and never give a thought to whether or not the water will kill us. We can take delicious hot showers and baths, and can wash our hands and faces, brush our teeth in clean, safe water. We take for granted toilets and sewage systems and never think about what life would be like without them.

I believe that everyone on earth deserves access to these basic human needs and I invite you to share my passion. Please consider making a donation toward my personal fundraising goal. Every dollar raised will help support WaterAid Canada's clean water and sanitation projects in communities throughout eastern Africa!

Did you know that Worldwide,  650 million people have no access to clean drinking water and a further 2.3 billion lack access to basic sanitation, like toilets and latrines?? Not only does this crisis severely hinder the fight against global poverty, it is also the world’s greatest cause of illness. At any given time, half of the world's hospital beds are occupied by people suffering needlessly from water- and sanitation-related diseases.

But change is possible!

Every time I am blessed to be hired by a new client, I share the blessing and give a portion of my fees to this cause (visit www.yourstoryofhope.com). It costs on average about $10,000 CAD to build just one well. My vision for the future is to contribute enough to build 100 wells each year - $1,000,000. A massive dream, but I am determined to do whatever I can to make it come true. 

Will you join me in lending a helping hand to bring hope, health and brighter futures to communities in Africa? The need is great, but water is the start…

To find out more about WaterAid Canada's work or to get involved, please visit www.wateraidcanada.com. To start your own WaterAid Canada fundraiser visit www.give.watercan.com/fundraise.